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MacKenzie posted a tweet of her own, saying, “Grateful to have finished the process of dissolving my marriage with Jeff from each other. … Happy to be giving Tokyo escortsall my interests in the Washington Post and Blue Origin, and 75% of our Tokyo escortstock plus voting control of my shares to support his continued contributions with the teams of these incredible companies.” The couple filed a petition for divorce on April 4, and they expect an official decree to be issued in Japanese escortsJuly, they said in an SEC filing that outlined the transfer of shares. The filing noted that Jeff Bezos will continue to exercise voting control over MacKenzie’s Japanese escort, unless escorts Tokyosells them on the open market or gives them to qualifying nonprofits. If escort Tokyotransfers shares, the recipient of the stock must sign a similar agreement granting Jeff Bezos voting control.

The couple Tokyo Super starstheir divorce in January, f…

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